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Lights, Camera, Action: WHAS11 and CASA

CASA of the River Region partners with companies and organizations to help raise awareness about the needs of the children we serve. One of these partners is WHAS11. Since 2020, WHAS11 has informed the community for the need for volunteers to become friends, mentors, and advocates to abused/neglected children.

“We, at WHAS 11, take pride in not only reporting the news, but also in telling the stories of the many organizations in Kentuckiana that work every day to better our community. It is our mission to use this mass reach platform to ignite support and awareness for nonprofits like CASA who are making such a positive impact,” said Lisa Columbia, President & General Manager.

CASA has worked with several members of the WHAS11 team to conceptualize and create powerful commercials to showcase volunteers and the impact they have on the hundreds of children. “The passion that the volunteers had for CASA was evident during the filming of our commercials. The scenes were filmed in practically one take because the CASA representatives were speaking from the heart. The message conveyed through the simple conversation between the adult and child was a powerful one, and it’s incredibly heartwarming to know that these commercials could potentially protect the wellbeing of an innocent child,” said Elizabeth Manning, WHAS11 Account Executive.

CASA’s mission resonates with WHAS11. Manning continues, “Every child deserves a positive role model in their life who is willing to fight for them. Divorce and family separation is hard in even the healthiest families. CASA’s mission to support children in family court who suffer from abuse and neglect is incredibly honorable and necessary, and it is our privilege to amplify this endeavor through the mass reach of our television station.”

CASA cannot serve children without volunteers. Almost 40% of volunteers who apply are referred to CASA through word of mouth—friends, family, colleagues, etc. The next way volunteers are referred are through traditional media, like television, radio, and print advertising. It’s difficult for nonprofits to raise funds to support advertising efforts. Partnering with media companies like WHAS11 allows CASA to effectively and efficiently use funds to inform the community of its need for volunteers.

The one-on-one services CASA provides to abused/neglected children can only happen through the commitment and dedication of volunteers. CASA must constantly recruit and train volunteers to maintain and grow the number of children we serve.

Columbia wants viewers and their valued partners to know, “We AMPLIFY. We are TRUE. We are CONNECTORS. We are HOMETOWN PROUD. We CELEBRATE. These are the brand pillars of WHAS11.” We are thankful for WHAS11 for their support and connecting our mission to the community.


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