CASA 101 Information Session



9/23 | 6 p.m.

Virtuan In-Service/Hybrid TBD

Forensic Interviewing for Juveniles & Adolescents

Presented by: Dr. Mariya Leyderman, Licensed Forensic Psychologist


An overview of how to properly engage with a child who has reported possible sexual abuse.  The purpose is to aid volunteers in navigating conversations to effectively elicit information which may: (1) be helpful for future investigation, (2 ) assess the safety of the child's home,  (3) either corroborate or refute allegations or suspicions of abuse/neglect, and (4) assess the need for medical treatment/psychological care.  This training will provide trauma-informed approaches to discussing issues related to sexual abuse. 

11/10 | 7 - 9 p.m.

Virtual In-Service/Hybrid: Zoom Link TBD

Spy-busting: How Teens Use Phones to Avoid Supervision

TikTok. Instagram. WhatsApp. SnapChat. Young people engage with one another through multiple social-media channels, having deemed Facebook the electronic stomping grounds of their parents and teachers. Most of the time, their use of new platforms is innocent. When it’s not, however, trouble can brew without their guardians having a clue. This two-hour panel, led by Shelby and Spencer County supervisor Joseph Grove, will feature high-school students versed in these tools and the ways the adults who love them can stay ahead of the electronic curve.

  • Every day people from every background (21+ years old)

  • Trained by CASA to recognize & understand the educational, social-emotional, and physical needs of children with trauma.

  • Paired with one case (one child/sibling group) to be a friend, mentor and advocate.

  • Learn more by attending a CASA 101 or contact Amber Weiand, Community Engagement Manager at

CASA Advocate
CASA Volunteer (Non-Advocate)
  • Serve on CASA's Board of Directors and/or committees, such as Development (marketing/fundraising) and Outreach (community engagement).

  • Assist on mailings, seasonal events (back-to-school drive, holiday sponsorship), or events.

  • Learn more by contacting Amber Weiand, Community Engagement Manager at

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room

Early Childhood Trauma 

Rescheduled, TBD | 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Here you will learn how early childhood trauma has short and long term effects on brain development and how that can result in social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental issues. Basic brain mechanics of overwhelming stress will be explored as well as some simple self regulation techniques. 

Q&A Seminar

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Certification

Summer 2020 | TBD

Jim Miller Hall, 10609 Watterson Trl, 40299

CASA's certificate series will provide volunteers with in-depth knowledge of mental health and substance use and its effects on the children and families they serve.


Life Skills Academy

Rescheduled, TBD 

Kosair Charities Community Center

Life Skills Academy provides resources and training regarding job readiness, money management, and healthy relationships to CASA kids. Kids must be 13-18 years of age. Participants will receive $50 VISA gift card upon completion.

For questions on trainings, life skills and the certificate series,

please contact CASA's Training Manager, Ann Young,



​"I saw CASA as a volunteer opportunity that would give me, and those I am working with, rewarding results. My organizational skills, combined with my ability to offer the families opportunities they otherwise may not have been able to access, have made me an excellent fit at CASA. I have been a CASA for over a year now and I am more committed than ever."

- Karen O'Hara, CASA Volunteer


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