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Social Worker Inspired by Dedication of CASA Volunteers

Volunteers report initially connecting with CASA's mission in many different ways including community outreach, friends, family, and word of mouth. For Maria Gocke, professional interactions with CASA helped inspire her to get involved.

"As a social worker by profession, I was familiar with CASA and enjoyed any opportunity I had to work with CASA volunteers. I was always impressed with their dedication to ensuring the best interests of the children were prioritized."

Although she had long admired the work being done by CASAs, the decision to become a CASA herself took some time. "Throughout the years, I considered becoming a CASA volunteer. Finally at the end of 2021, I could no longer ignore the strong desire to get involved with CASA, and I took the leap. I’m so glad I did!"

Maria completed training and was officially sworn in as a CASA in January of 2022. Since then, she has enjoyed making a difference in the lives of children and has shared many memorable moments. "My favorite thing about being a CASA is building relationships with the children. It never ceases to amaze me how strong, resilient, and unconditionally loving children are. I became a CASA volunteer wanting to give back to my community and impact the lives of children, but over time, the children I’ve worked with have left indelible imprints on my own life and heart. I consider myself truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with these children."

Are you ready to become a voice for children? Learn more about how you can help change their stories by becoming a CASA. Visit to get started today!


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