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Keely’s Story: A Year Later

In December, 2021, CASA of the River Region published its first children’s book, Keely the Brave.

Since that time, over a thousand people have received Keely’s story to learn more about CASA and our work. The story follows Keely, a child who experienced abuse and needs a CASA volunteer. Keely’s story is one of thousands of kids in our community. She embodies how kids who have experienced trauma can triumph through the support of one trusted adult—their CASA volunteer.

“We published Keely’s story to ensure that children know that a CASA is available when they need help. We also wanted adults to know that they could make a lifelong difference in a child’s life, just by giving 1-4 hours per week,” said William Myers, President & CEO of CASA of the River Region.

“Keely’s story was inspired by a donor who understood some children move from home to home without anything to call their own. She realized just one person could make a difference, and she sewed pillow cases and donated pillows to ensure each child who needed one had a fresh, new pillow of their own.”

CASA volunteers become friends, mentors, and advocates to the most vulnerable kids in our community. Volunteers give their time, talent, and treasure to ensure children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect are living in safe homes, succeeding in school, and receiving the medical/therapeutic services they need to overcome trauma.

But, we all know it takes a village. Our community of donors have also provide backpacks, school supplies, winter coats, socks, birthday boxes, toys, and so many other things that brighten our children’s days.

YOU can change a child's story by giving a financial gift to CASA of the River Region at Or, you can volunteer your time to be a friend, mentor, and advocate. Learn more at our monthly virtual information sessions:

Keely’s story is also available for purchase at our online shop so you can share her story with people who want to make a difference in a child’s life. If you would like to request Keely's story for your library, please email


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