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CASA Volunteer makes time to create impact in lives of children

AJ Nieto has been serving as a CASA volunteer since 2019. She got involved because she wanted to engage with and give back to her community in a way that felt meaningful and created impact outside of her own life. Although, she works a full-time job, she was able to find time in her busy schedule to complete her CASA training. In her four years as a CASA, AJ has worked on four cases and had a positive impact in the lives of eight children by serving as their friend, mentor, and advocate.

AJ is a CASA Volunteer
Meet Our CASA: AJ Nieto

AJ shared her favorite thing about being a CASA is "Getting to know and advocate for amazing kiddos!" She has made many fond memories along her CASA journey but noted, "With each child there is a moment where I've realized that we have forged a trusting connection and they know I am looking out for them. I feel grateful and honored to be in this role to provide support for children."

Asked why she continues doing CASA work, AJ added, "Children are our future, they all deserve safety and love. The work that happens through CASA reminds me that we must always look out for the most vulnerable among us."

We are so grateful for AJ and all of our CASA volunteers who look out for the best interests of children. You can join their efforts to give back in a meaningful way and create positive impact in the lives of children by becoming a CASA yourself! Visit to complete the first steps in less than 10 minutes.


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