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Happy National Parents' Day

At CASA, we recognize that nothing is more important to a child than someone who cares. Parents, caretakers and guardians who contribute to the positive growth of our youth deserve both recognition and support for raising the future of our community.

CASA knows that parents can come in all the forms and we celebrate all of them today, July 24, in honor of National Parents’ Day. National Parents’ Day, founded in 1994, was aimed at creating “a positive tradition based on a core axiom — that the role of parents is crucial in the nurturing and development of children, and thus requires investment, focus, and commitment,” according to the resolution signed by President Clinton.

Nothing is more crucial to a child than a responsible adult who cares, especially one who cares for our vulnerable youth populations.

CASA kids need parents and caregivers who invest in their child’s happiness and growth. They need parents and caregivers who focus on loving their child with open arms. They need parents and caregivers who commit to fostering joy and healing.

No matter who these parents are, what they look like or even where or how many, our children need them. We need them. Conventional or unorthodox, single, married or “working it out,” biological or chosen — all that matters is the commitment to love and care for our community’s future.

CASA volunteers (CASAs) spend 1-4 hours per week on one case. A key aspect of successfully advocating for children is establishing good relationships with parents, caregivers, and/or guardians. CASAs collaborate with parents/caregivers to ensure the best interests of children are being served.

We want nothing more than to make sure every parent has the tools to take care of their children and every child has loving caregivers to support them. By advocating for children, families, as a whole, benefit from additional services and resources that help them thrive.

We thank all the caring adults out there who commit themselves to showing up and deeply loving the kids in their care every day, even when it's tough.

For more information on volunteering with CASA, please join our monthly virtual info session every 1st/3rd Wednesday.


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