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Empty Nest, Full Heart

After recently moving back to Louisville with her two kids grown up and moved out, Jessica Taylor wanted to find a way to give back and get plugged into the community. Becoming a CASA offered just the opportunity she was seeking.

Jessica shared, "My favorite part about being a CASA is getting to be the one who stands up and advocates for the kids. So many times kids are the most affected in these situations, but don't have someone who is there to only support them."

Her favorite moment as a CASA so far was getting a letter from one of the kids assigned to her filled with details about the child's week and how she was feeling. "It makes all the work associated with being a CASA worth it when you can tell how much it impacts and helps the kids. I see the need this community has for these volunteers and know that even if I can help one family, it will be worth it."

Interested in learning about becoming a CASA? Watch our CASA 101 informational video or contact Eugina Scoggins, Director of Recruitment & Training at to learn more.


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