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Educator continues commitment to children by serving as CASA

Pamela Eklund has had a passion for working with children ever since I was a teenager. "That passion took me into a 40-year career as an educator," Eklund shared.  "During that time, I had the privilege to work with many CASA Volunteers. CASA provided the schools with information that helped us see the big picture for us to be able to provide the children with a supportive, positive school experience. I admired how each worker stood up and advocated for their clients, and I knew when I retired, I would apply to CASA."


Her favorite thing about CASA is that she gets to be a voice for children when no one is listening. "One of my favorite moments was when I realized that judges really take what we communicate into consideration in their rulings. When the child in my case did not want to see the parents because of physical/emotional abuse they had experienced, the judge ruled for the child, thanks to CASA and GAL advocating for them."


Pamela continues with CASA because she believes all children need advocates.  "Unfortunately, many children in our community have been through traumatizing experiences and there are not enough people to help. The reward I get back is seeing a child get the support they need and ultimately find a safe and nurturing environment."


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