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CASA commitment enriches lives of busy mom & her family

When joining a CASA training class back in 2019, Cong Li joked that she was seeking a cure for her baby fever. Already a mom of teen daughters, she and her husband added another baby to the family not long after Li became a CASA. "The real truth is that I have a background in expressive therapy, and I love working with children. CASA allows me to utilize my training and work with children without committing too much time away from my own. It is perfect for me," she shared.

Li noted that at CASA of the River Region she has found a supportive community that offers inspiration and encouragement. "My biggest reward from being a CASA is that it enriches my life and my teenage daughters' lives. It is a privilege to see all works from CASA; see the court in action; see how the families struggle and fight. Sometimes there are lies and shames, but there is always someone who cares and tries."

Li also pointed out that her work as a CASA helps her and her daughters gain new perspectives and avoid taking things for granted. "One of my favorite moments as a CASA was when I called my supervisor Lisa and told her the family was doing so well that I should move on to someone else in need."

Li is now on her fourth case and continues to carve out time in her busy schedule to support and advocate for children as a CASA. More volunteers are needed to provide a voice for children with abuse/neglect cases in Jefferson, Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble, Oldham, and Henry Counties. Click here to learn more about becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate.


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