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CASA volunteer finds purpose in providing a voice for children

When Kathryn Bowling retired in 2001, she felt a strong desire to help abused and neglected children. Although she had earned a degree in Psychology, as a mother raising two children on her own, she never felt she could afford to pursue that career path.

Kathryn's personal experience with abuse in her family is part of what drew her to become a CASA when she had the opportunity. Kathryn shared," CASA is so important to the lives of children in the system. I am honored to be an advocate for them." She served as a CASA for some time before taking a break to adopt and raise a great-grandchild. "I felt I needed to be all in with him. He is now heading off to school on a scholarship next year and doesn't need me as much."

Kathryn returned in 2023 as a CASA at the age of 74 to continue to be a voice for the children of the Commonwealth. She added, "I feel that this is my God-given purpose in life and hope to continue for along as I can."

We are deeply grateful for Kathryn and her fellow CASAs who devote their time to serve children in our community. Although 378 children have known the support of a CASA so far this year, nearly 200 additional children are waiting for a caring, consistent adult to be their voice. You can make a difference by becoming a CASA. A summer training class is now forming. Apply here or contact our Training Manager at to learn more.


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