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Making a Meaningful Impact

Janey Woodlee came to CASA seeking a more meaningful way to make an impact than her previous volunteer experiences offered. "I wanted to volunteer in a way that would require more from me and have a bigger impact to others," Woodlee shared. CASA provided an opportunity to get more involved in her volunteer efforts and do so in a way that she could manage while still being present for her own family.

"I’m motivated to continue working with CASA. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can be a safe haven for a child who felt desperate, and a mother who felt lost, and knowing that just maybe I changed their trajectory just a little, and that maybe there’s another family who needs that too."

Join our volunteers, like Janey, who are making a meaningful impact in the lives of children by serving as a friend, mentor & advocate...a CASA. Watch our brief informational video to learn more & take the first steps to becoming a CASA.


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