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Making a Difference as a CASA

Charise Gardner began volunteering with CASA because she enjoys giving back to the community. "I wanted to ensure that children are protected and safe and know they have someone to talk to."

Although Charise works a full-time job, she found the CASA training convenient and informative. She submitted her volunteer application in August of 2022 and was sworn in as a CASA the next month, fully prepared to start advocating for children.

"My favorite thing is knowing that I'm making a difference. I appreciate that the court system listens to my ideas/thoughts pertaining to the child and I love the one-on-one time with the child. It’s rewarding knowing that I can be their voice when it matters."

Charise's favorite moment so far is seeing the smile on the children's faces when they see her. "That motivates me and ensures that I am doing what I can to make sure they are thriving. I have continued with CASA because I love working with children and advocating on their behalf. I'm hoping to be a positive influence in their life and have a lasting relationship with them."

You can also help change a child's story by becoming a CASA. As little as 1-4 hours per week can make a huge difference. Visit to learn more about the role of a CASA then complete our volunteer application.


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