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HOW YOU'RE DIFFERENT: Thoughts on volunteer appreciation week

What strikes me most about the difference between volunteering with CASA and with other organizations is that here, you don’t pitch in to support the work; rather, you ARE the work.

With other organizations, volunteers help fulfill the projects and contributions of paid staff. Not with CASA. The staff support you. You are the front lines. You are the face of CASA. You make the decisions and talk to the players and represent CASA in court. Many volunteer-supported organizations could trundle onward if all their volunteers quit. Without volunteers, there would be no CASA.

Yes. We ask a lot of you. Volunteering for CASA isn’t easy, nor is it something everyone can do. Virtually anyone can handle mailing pamphlets or making phone calls or staffing booths at the fair. Only certain individuals have the character and passion to go into strangers’ homes and confront malefactors, lawyers, and social workers in a court of law. You do. That’s why you’re with us, and why we’re so grateful.

When court resumes, we believe we’ll be incredibly busy catching up with old cases and processing new ones. We’re going to need you more than ever. If it gets to be too much, reach out. If you become overwhelmed, raise your hand and we will help. The mettle that has made you valuable will make you indispensable in the coming weeks and months. Hang in there and know that we’ve got your back.


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