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Healing Paws: CASA of the River Region and WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky Unite for Kids!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

LOUISVILLE, KY — November 13, 2023 — In a groundbreaking collaborative initiative, CASA of the River Region and WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky are joining forces to bring the transformative power of therapy animals to children who have suffered from abuse and neglect. This alliance will see WAGS' dedicated volunteers and their specially trained dogs engaging with children from CASA, providing the healing presence of canine companionship during a crucial time in these young lives.

This partnership comes at a significant moment, as CASA of the River Region is set to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2024, marking four decades of continuing commitment to advocating for children's rights and welfare.

William Myers, President/CEO of CASA of the River Region, shares his enthusiasm: "CASA of the River Region is delighted to partner with WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky. Involving pets in the care and support of children who have experienced abuse and neglect has been a proven method to help bolster their moods and facilitate trust. We are excited about this partnership and grateful for the generous support of WAGS volunteers."

Echoing his sentiments, Jenny Pagni, President of WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky, states, "This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in our mission to extend the healing touch of therapy animals to those in dire need. The resilience of the children CASA serves inspires us, and we are committed to making a positive difference in their lives through the unconditional love of our therapy dogs."

WAGS volunteers, along with their canine companions, are uniquely prepared for this task, having undergone extensive training to work sensitively and positively with children in challenging situations. Their involvement is set to introduce a comforting, non-judgmental element to the support system for these children, fostering an environment conducive to healing and emotional recovery.

As both organizations look forward to a future where all children are empowered to overcome their past traumas, this partnership stands as a testament to the community's solidarity and the innovative approaches being adopted to support mental and emotional health.

About CASA of the River Region: CASA of the River Region, set to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2024, champions the cause of abused and neglected children, advocating for their rights and well being through trained community volunteers to ensure every child can thrive in a safe, permanent, and nurturing home. Visit their website at

About WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky: WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky, a non-profit endeavor, focuses on enhancing lives by harnessing the therapeutic prowess of pets. Its volunteers are dedicated to bringing animal-assisted happiness and comfort to those facing health, personal, and communal challenges. Visit their website at


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