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Global Social Impact Professional impacts lives of local children

CASA volunteer Taylor Amerman has extensive career experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Social Impact. While her professional focus may be on a global scale, she also has a proven track record of making a difference in the community where she lives as well.

Taylor went through CASA training in 2018 because "I wanted to learn more about the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and our general systems in Jefferson County. I also wanted to understand what resources are available for children and their families." Since then, she has provided advocacy and support to 8 children and worked to connect the kids and their families with those resources to help improve their lives.

Experiencing the grit and resiliency of the children that she supports has made a big impression on Taylor. "They have experienced so much and yet they continue to do well at home and in school. My favorite part of being a CASA is sitting in court and seeing all of the happy tears from parents and their children. They are full of relief, gratitude, and love."

"I've continued with CASA because there are so many children in Jefferson County that need support. I've seen families struggle to access resources and know who to contact for help. I have the flexibility, willingness, and compassion to help in this way."

If you are a caring, compassionate individual who would like to make a difference in the life of a child, please consider becoming a CASA. Learn more here or contact Eugina Scoggins, Director of Recruitment & Training at to start your CASA journey today.


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