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CASA has published its first children's book. Keely’s story is one of thousands of kids in our community. She embodies how kids who have experienced trauma can triumph through the support of one trusted adult—their CASA volunteer. CASA volunteers become friends, mentors, and advocates to kids. Volunteers give of their time, talent, and treasure to ensure the most vulnerable children are living in a safe home, succeeding in school, and receiving the medical/therapeutic services they need to overcome trauma.


This story was also inspired by many of our donors, who give financially and in-kind to ensure our program is successful. Community donors have provided backpacks, school supplies, winter coats, socks, birthday boxes, and toys.


Understanding that children are moved from home to home without having anything to call their own, one donor sewed pillow cases and provided brand new pillows to our kids. We are proud to showcase her wonderful contribution in this book.


We hope you enjoy Keely’s story. 

Keely the Brave - Children's Book

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