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Davenport advocates for children "to be cared for and seen"

Amy Davenport became a Court Appointed Special Advocate in 2020 after retiring as a Special Education Teacher. Her goal was to continue to advocate for children who would likely not have a voice when it comes to people around them. "Children are meant to be cared for and seen for who they are in the world, no matter their circumstances," shared Davenport.

Now over 3.5 years into service as a CASA, Davenport has found it very rewarding. "I love building a relationship with the children and letting them know that someone cares for them and is willing to walk with them through whatever predicament their family is experiencing."

While she has made many fond memories like playing ball in the yard and getting ice cream to celebrate the end of the school year with her CASA children, her favorite memories have been when the children see her as part of the family and not just a mentor or advocate. Davenport remains committed to serving as a CASA because "Children deserve the right to feel safe with the people in their lives and I believe the work that CASA does achieves this goal."

Do you have a little spare time and a heart for helping children? Learn more about volunteering as a CASA by visiting

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