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Contact your legislators: KRS 17.153

In 2020, a bill was introduced by Representative Regina Huff to document domestic violence deaths. The bill would amend KRS 17.153 with the following language:

For homicide offenses known to public authorities where domestic violence has been identified as a circumstance of the offense, the annual report shall include statistics on:

(a)The age, sex, and race of victims;

(b)The counties in which the homicides occurred;

(c)Weapons used in the offenses; and

(d)The relationships of the victims to offenders.

The bill did not advance because it was awaiting a committee hearing. However, it is our hope that it will be introduced again in the 2021 session. CASAs, unfortunately, see the effects of domestic violence and how it impacts children. If we amend the law we can have accurate statistics on deaths caused by domestic violence so we can work further to understand how it is happening in our communities and provide additional services to children who experience this terrible occurrence in their lives.

We hope that you will contact your legislators and tell them to support amending the Kentucky Revised Statutes to document statistics related to domestic violence homicides. To learn more, sign up for news alerts from Kentucky Youth Advocates here:


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