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CASA Request Form

CASA Volunteer Advocates are community members trained to recognize and understand the educational, social-emotional, and physical needs of vulnerable children and to fight for their best interests in court.

CASA Volunteer Advocates handle only one case at a time, giving them the time to thoroughly explore the history and circumstances of each child.


CASA Volunteer Advocates are appointed by a Family Court judge. CASA volunteers:

  • Get to know the child by meeting with them at least once a month;

  • Identify the child’s needs by gathering information from teachers, parents, service providers and other persons of support;

  • Report their observations and recommendations to the Judge in every court hearing involving the child;

  • Work alongside attorneys and social workers as an official of the judicial proceedings to advocate for the best interest of the child;

  • Remain a consistent adult in the life of the child throughout their journey in family court;

  • Ensure children are in a safe home, receive proper medical care and have receive the support needed to be successful in school.


Children with a CASA receive more court-ordered services, spend less time in out-of-home care and are more likely to succeed in school.

If you would like a court appointed special advocate (CASA) to be assigned to your child(ren)'s case, please complete the form below. The final decision as to whether a CASA becomes assigned to your case will be made by the presiding family court judge. CASA can not guarantee assignment.


Your request has been received, and we will contact you shortly.

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