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While kids are in school, mom uses time to help children in Family Court

As of 2019, Jamie Jarecki had heard of Court Appointed Special Advocates and viewed CASA as a respected organization. With all of her children then busy with school, she was looking for something valuable to do with her time. Although she had no experience with the Family Court system, she saw volunteering for CASA was a way to make a positive impact in the lives of children. Jamie completed the CASA pre-service training in February of 2020 and has been a devoted volunteer ever since.

Jamie shared, "I chose CASA to make a difference for children. It feels good to provide comfort during a chaotic time when children feel like they don't have any control. I can be a shoulder to cry on, someone who can help cut through the confusing legal terms, and someone to explain what is going to happen and how to get through it in a healthy way."

She may have come to CASA with no Family Court experience, but after serving as an advocate on 8 cases, she has developed a real understanding of the system and respect for those involved. "I am always in awe of the people involved in making sure that children get justice- from the county attorney who knows the details of every case on the docket to the social workers who must constantly assess and pivot when faced with the dark side of humanity to the CASA staff who are so professional, caring, and supportive. The need is there, and I can help."

The need is definitely there. As many as 300 children in CASA of the River Region's service area including Jefferson, Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer, Henry, Oldham and Trimble Counties are waiting for a caring, consistent adult to be there for them and represent their best interests. Click here to learn more about how you can become a CASA today or email with questions about upcoming CASA trainings.


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