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Underwood takes action for children and families

Holly Underwood was a supporter and observer of Court Appointed Special Advocates for several years before deciding to become a CASA herself. When she realized that there were children in her community waiting for volunteers, she decided to take a more active role in the organization.

"I wanted to be part of the solution," shared Holly. She trained as a CASA in 2021 seeking to help children and families move past their struggles and begin to thrive. " I want them to be proud of who they become."

Holly noted a favorite moment as a CASA took place when the parents of children in her case, who were in recovery, became spokespeople for the Reach Program. "They would visit schools to speak with students, sharing their experiences and making a positive impact."

Holly continues with CASA because the need for volunteers is still so great. "The children still need to know they have someone in their corner fighting for them."

Are you ready to take action and help change the stories of children in your community? Apply to become a CASA here or contact to learn more.


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