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Restorative Practices in the Public Schools

2018-05 May

JCPS suspended children 20,000 times last year, including over 100 kindergartners, and physically restrained 4,403 children. Increasing suspensions hasn’t solved behavior problems.

But in 2016, JCPS signed a $2million, three-year contract with the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) to begin training for these to be implemented in schools. JCPS will start with 18 pilot schools and train 24 district staff to be certified Restorative Practices

Trainers and so allow JCPS to expand the program over time.


All pilot schools will receive whole-school training focused on the 11 Essential Elements of Restorative Practices:  Affective Statements, Restorative Questions, Small Impromptu Conferences, Pro-active Circles, Responsive Circles, Restorative Conferences, Fair Process, Re-integrative Management of Shame, Restorative Staff Community, Restorative Approach with Families, and Fundamental Hypothesis Understandings.


The schools selected to engage in the training as pilot schools are:

  • Blake Elementary                                 

  • Brooklawn

  • Engelhard Elementary School             

  • Knight Middle School   

  • Klondike Elementary School

  • Meyzeek Middle School

  • Minor Daniels Academy

  • Phoenix School of Discovery                 

  • Price Elementary School                       

  • Rutherford Elementary School              

  • Sanders Elementary School                   

  • Shacklette Elementary School                

  • Shawnee High School

  • Slaughter Elementary School

  • Stuart Middle School  

  • Waggener High School  

  • Western Middle School            

  • Wilder Elementary School                    


JCPS is committed to prepare progress reports which will include data on the project’s impact on school suspensions, transfers to alternative schools and other indicators.


If your CASA child/ren are in any of these schools and receives a suspension or what you perceive to be inappropriate discipline, you may want to approach the Principal or teachers involved to ask if, indeed, the school personnel have received training in these practices.  If they have, ask what they “look like.” You may want to ask if and  how the discipline and the new practice coincide.


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